Dewar van Dyk – Leading drummer
Dewar is originally from Pietermaritzburg and over the years has played with Alexandra High School Pipe Band, PMB Callies Pipe band, Transvaal Scottish A and 1 Med’s Grade 2 corps. His first major performance was at the Durban Tattoo in 1989 and one of his highlights was a performance at the World Championships in 2005 with PMB Callies. Other than the snare drum, Dewar also plays guitar and drum kit.
Ashley Knight – Tenor drummer
Hailing from Harare (Zimbabwe), Ashley moved to South Africa and joined the PMB Callies band before doing a stint in the UK with The Pride of Murray in London. In 2009 she returned home and joined 1 Med. Currently part of the tenor corps, Ashley also plays piano. Her first parade was a “Cars in the Park parade” with PMB Callies where a wardrobe failure saw her march on to the field with pipers tape keeping the soles of her brogues on. Recently Ashley and Craig Knight (Pipe Sgt) tied the knot.
Bernard Kisby-Green
Bernard is a multi-talented musician playing not only drums and percussion but regularly featuring on Sax at our concerts along with his daughter Chelsea. You’ll easily pick him out in the grade 2 line – just look for the guy playing in reverse grip.
Brandon Kipps – Bass drummer
Missing – we are 2 steps away from adding his face to a milk carton, so if you see him – please send him to band practice.
Clinton Miles
Clinton is part of the snare drumming lineup in the Grade 2 corps. He started his pipeband career with Jeppe Boys High, before playing with the SA Irish, SA Scots, Knysna Pipe Band and Pietermaritzburg Callies. Clinton joined 1Med in 2013. Some of the highlights include the Bridge Of Allen Highland Gathering 2005, Cowal Highland Gathering 2005, Basel Tattoo 2011/12, SA Tattoo 2013 and multiple Durban Tattoos. Also a multi-drum/percussion enthusiast, Clinton plays Kit drums, Djembe Drum and Bohdran.
Carlos Manggos
Carlos is the band’s drum major
Smiley Williams
On occasion Smiley (by name and nature) joins the band as a postal player based in Cape Town. If dynamite comes in small packages, this is where you’ll find some drumming dynamite. Smiley is also a member of Cape Town’s not so secret Drum Line.
Sanford Ware
Originally from the Transkei before moving to Rhodesia in 1958 Sandy started his career with Churchill School Pipe Band and won the solo Junior and Open Rhodesian Drumming Championships. He then moved to the US and played with the Clan Gregor, City of Washington and City of Dunedin Pipe Bands. Sandy received advanced tutelage from Alex Duthart after further achievements in open competition. After a hiatus of a few years Sandy is back up and playing with the Grade 2 Snare corps.
Tania van den Heever – Tenor drummer
Tania (Sonia’s twin sister) was remarkably also born in Durban at very much the same time as Sonia. Capable of drinking most people twice her size under the table she provides a lot of the bands entertainment.
David Berry
A relative new-comer to 1Med, David is another member of the Grade 4 snare drum corps. He has played with the band at a number of the Durban Tattoos and at the Midlands Gathering held at Michaelhouse School. In his spare time he plays didgeridoo.
Dwayne Lorentz
Dwayne started drumming with the Selborne College cadet band in East London and carried on drumming during his military duty with 6 SAI. Thereafter he joined Durban Regiment Pipe Band before moving across to 1 Med. Dwayne led the grade 4 drum corps for a number of years and played in the Edinburgh Tattoo in 2006.
Edward Merrick
Edward is orginally from the United Kingdom having played with the RAF Leuchars and the combined bands of the Royal Air Force before relocating to South Africa and joining 1Med. As a tenor drummer he has played at the Edinburgh Tattoos in 2004 and 2006, The Sydney replica of the Edinburgh Tattoo, Tattoos in France, Belgium, Holland and Estonia as well as at a parade for the British Embassy in Moscow.
Emma Penberthy – Tenor drummer
As the youngest member in the band, Emma has done exceptionally well at the local junior tenor drumming solo competitions and played her first graded competition with the Grade 4 band in 2013. A Durbanite born and bred, Emma is one to watch for the years to come. Currently she plays tenor as part of the Grade 4 band.
James Penberthy
Born in Durban, James is one of the new arrivals eager to make his way in to the Grade 2 Snare Drum Corps. He is dedicated to the team and has already done a number of parades with the band including our most recent Carols and Kilts concert. James is competitive by nature and is active on the solo drumming scene.
Matthew Smythe – Bass drummer
Matt started off his musical career as a side drummer in the Empangeni High School Brass Band and was selected for the KwaZulu Natal Prestige Band. On moving to Durban he joined 1 Med Pipe band as a bass drummer but has also played bass guitar for Jericho Breakdown and the Sage Alchemex Wyld Stallyns.
Roxanna Strachan
Roxanna is originally from Durban but did a stint with the Redcliffe Scottish Pipe Band in Brisbane Australia before returning to South Africa and joining 1 Med Pipe Band. She has played in the Aussie’s ANZAC Day Parade and the local Durban Military Tattoos. Other than Pipe Band Snare Drumming she also dabbles in kit drumming.
Sonia van den Heever
Durban born Sonia (Tania’s twin) has also made the move to the city of gold, but remains true to her roots. Currently a side drummer with the Grade 4 competition band, Sonia has played with the band since 2005 and has played in the Durban and Cape Town Tattoos as well as travelling to Scotland with the band in 2010. Starting off as a tenor drummer before learning sides, Sonia also plays guitar.
Trevor Wilson
After joining the band in 2012, Trevor is making every effort to get into the Grade 2 Snare Drum Corps. As a drummer in the Westville High School drumline Trevor is never too long without his sticks and has already played numerous parades and shows with the band, including solo performances as “the little drummer boy” in front of crowds of thousands at the Ushaka Marine World’s Christmas Show “Dolphins by starlight”.
Wayne Smythe
Wayne started his pipe band career with Pretoria Highlanders before moving back to Durban and joining Durban Regiment Pipe Band in 2001. In 2002 he moved across to 1 Med Pipe Band under Drum Sgt Corrie Stevens. In 2004 he accompanied the band to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo and played competition at Bridge of Allen and the Worlds. In 2006 he took over as Drum Sgt and played as a guest with the Transvaal Scottish in Moskow at the Kremlin Zoria 2007. Wayne also plays djembe, drum kit and bass guitar as part of his Church’s Worship Team .