Rohann Ludick – Pipe Major
Another one of our ex full-time pipers from SAMHS. Rohann is also fairly new to the Durban setup and has taken of the role of tutor for our learners. With his diverse piping influences and experience he always has value to add to the band.
Craig Knight – Pipe Sergeant
Known for his incredible ability to stay chilled in any situation, Craig has been a key member of the band for over a decade. He is also well known his mean jigs that he loves to jam on his small pipes.
Alex Rice
Commonly referred to as “sailor” Alex spends a large portion of his life offshore on oil rigs and balances the rest of his time playing bagpipes and being a family man. Alex is one of a few pipers in the band to participate in piobaireached competitions.
Bradley Boxall
Joined the band in 1998 at the tender age of 12 and quickly became an integral part of the competition band.
Bradley Springer
A fairly new member to the band, he replaces his twin brother, David, as the Springer family representative in 1 Med. Brad has travelled much with bands and brings a fresh perspective to the pipe corps.
Christopher Terry
Chris is by far the most accomplished piper in South African history with more solo competition victories and places than we have space to mention here. His inputs are pivotal to the continual improvement of the band. Notably, of the bagpipes played in 1 Med more than 80% of them have been hand made by Chris. We are honoured to have him as part of our team.
Graham Crisp
Graham is one of three ex full-time bagpipers in the band having spent a few years at the SAMHS pipe band in the 90’s. Graham is new to the 1 Med band but his solid piping has quickly made him a valued member of the grade 2 setup.
Ian Hunter
Ian joined the band after finishing school and spent a few years in the development band before stepping up to the grade 2 band. His classical music training on the flute and sharp programming ability has put him in the role of head sheet-music coordinator for the pipe corps. Never short of dedication, Ian has become a vital cog in the band machine.
Michael Esterhuyse
Ex pipe sergeant Mike took a back seat after the birth of his son (read future piper). Mike joined the band in 1998 and has been a stalwart of the band and instrumental in the bands progression through the grades. Mike is known for his natural piping abilities and is generally the first to lighten up a tense situation with a joke.
Mike Irwin

A ‘Postal Piper’ from Grahamstown , Mike makes it to  every competition and concert. Mike first started with 1 Med in 1999 and since 2014 has been a stalwart of the Grade 2 band.

Richard Payn
Seldom seen at practices as he spends much of his life on the farm or at college however this does not stop Richard from being on of the best pipers around. His incredible focus and practice routine has seen him go from learner to master piper in only a few short years.
Robert Dawber
Having started piping very young, Robert was destined to be a good piper and he has not disappointed having won junior Guineas solo piping competition and numerous other competitions. Robert is now based in Cape Town while he completes his studies but still plays with the band at the competitions.
Thomas Fuller
Ex pipe major Thomas took a back seat after relocating to Johannesburg. However, his impact on tune selection, tuning and execution is still felt. Even from far away, Thomas performs a large portion of the daily running of the band. His ability to play side drums gives him a unique view on ensemble and inter-corps dynamics.
Terence Clark
As pipe major of the grade 4 band over the past two years Terence has really shown growth as a piper and is one of the most committed members of the band.
André Steenkamp
André was a very early member of the 1 Med band and whilst he has been away in Wakkerstroom the past few years he does remain a valued member of the broader 1 Med family.
Cindy Merrick
Having spent a few years in Durban teaching music during which time Cindy added much value to the grade 4 band. Now, having moved back to her home town of Empangeni she, and her husband Ed, still participate where possible.
Gordon Clark
Ever willing to help where he can Gordon is a highly valued member of the broader band. He is part of a pipe band mad family with both kids, his brother, two nieces and two nephews being part of pipe bands!
Michael Cairns
Our energiser bunny, ‘MC’ makes the effort to be at every practice and parade, both grade 2 and grade 4. While Mike is aiming to be a part of the grade 2 band this year, he already adds value as the band’s assistant at away competitions.